Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY) fights childhood hunger and obesity with innovative nutrition education, cooking, worksite wellness and fitness programs. We serve kids, families, and other members of the community, including seniors, by collaborating with community centers, schools, companies, after-school programs, parks, and social service agencies. Our programs make South Florida more food secure and physically fit.


FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth) started in 2005, with the goal of bringing nutrition education, access to healthy meals and physical activity to low-income neighborhoods in South Florida. Almost 15 years later we are reaching 6,500+ children each day, serving over 400 South Florida after-school sites and community partners, with the support of 25 staff, and deliver over 1.3 million meals to under-served communities, annually. 

FLIPANY’s work in the community gained national recognition from Partnership for a Healthier America, we became lead partners in South Florida for the US Soccer Foundation and Cooking Matters (No Kid Hungry Campaign), and finally, FLIPANY has been recognized by the Florida Department of Agriculture for the high-quality meals we serve to our community partners. 

FLIPANY’s mission is to foster healthy lives through nutrition education, physical activities and wellness initiatives. We have managed to provide customized programming to sites in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. Focused on the fight against childhood obesity and hunger, FLIPANY works with community organizations to leverage resources and provide education programs. 

Together we have helped thousands of people learn effective ways to live a healthy life while providing alternatives to mitigating issues of food insecurity and food access. It is our hope that you too, will join the fight to build healthier children and healthier communities in support of FLIPANY’s mission and vision.

To learn more about FLIPANY, visit www.FLIPANY.org


Cooking Matters plays a critical role in the Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry™ campaign to end childhood hunger in America. Here’s how Cooking Matters helps provide kids at risk of hunger with healthy foods where they live, learn and play:

  • Cooking Matters courses help families with limited resources make healthy meals at home, using a wide variety of foods that are commonly available in their grocery stores, in WIC packages and from emergency food providers such as food pantries.

  • Course instructors teach cooking skills, practical nutrition information and food budgeting strategies that will last a lifetime.

  • Adult and teen participants receive groceries at the end of each class to practice making the recipes they’ve learned that day.

  • Courses include information on how participants can enroll in federal, state and local assistance programs.

  • Cooking Matters classes are often held in conjunction with after-school, summer food, Head Start and WIC programs.

To learn more, visit https://CookingMatters.org